DIY striped drawers

A new piece of furniture in my house only costs me $20, literally! I like to change things up a lot, but who doesn’t? Furniture is SO expensive these days, so painting over an old piece is your best bet.

I like to have an accent piece in just about every room, they make the perfect statement! This teal distressed piece was extremely cute, but I got tired of it and wanted something new! I’m so into patterns right now, especially stripes! All I had to buy was a can of white paint, a small can of black paint, some masking tape, and new knobs. What an easy project! I started out placing the masking tape in vertical lines from top to bottom.  Then paint the main color in between the tape strips. I put 2 coats of white paint just incase it wanted to try and chip on me! Here is what it will look like when painted in between the tape! img_1054.jpgIMG_1052





After all of the paint dried, I carefully pulled the tape off. It’s okay if some of the white paint chips a little, it’s super easy to go back and touch up. The next part is what will be most time consuming, painting in between the stripes. You would think you could put tape over the white paint, but it will mess the white paint all up! I did one drawer at a time and used a small brush for the edges of the stripes, very time consuming, but so worth it in the end! The black paint really does not need 2 coats all over, but some places may. I put 2 coats so it wouldn’t chip!

The knobs I bought I am seriously in love with. Sometimes they can be a little expensive, but Hobby Lobby has really great sales on stuff like that 24/7 and they also have 40% off coupons online!

This piece turned out to be one of my favorite pieces of furniture ever! Enjoy.

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