How Expensive is Decorating for the Holidays?

If you know me, you know my absolute favorite time of year is the Christmas season. I like to be super extra during this time, especially for a 20 year old. I can’t remember a year where I didn’t help my mom decorate the whole house and loved it, as well as all the joy and celebration of Jesus that came with it.

My mom always told me how important a “tree in every room” was while decorating, most people will think we are absolutely crazy! But it really is important, especially having a tree in your bedroom. I have a little corner of happiness in my bedroom, where my makeup station is decorated all cute, along with one of my trees. It makes waking up and getting ready so much more enjoyable (and sometimes thats the hardest part of the day)! Most people think that decorating is so expensive, which it can be! But there are tons of little tricks that can make it not expensive at all. I’m here to share how inexpensive all of my trees are and details for each one!

This year I have been obsessed with the idea and look of flocked trees, After some researching, it only cost me $2.97 to have a BRAND new flocked tree! This skinny tree was a hand-me-down from my sweet mom and was green at first. I bought a can of white spray paint and went to town (don’t worry, it is completely safe). You could also use white flocking spray or fake snow spray, but that can get very messy, very fast.

IMG_2157I love the way this tree turned out.IMG_2155 I’ve collected ornaments and decor for this flocked tree for the past few years, clearly I have an obsession with the color pink! Ornaments can be pretty expensive, but I’m not lying when I say I have NEVER bought an ornament full priced, that would add up too quickly! Hobby Lobby always has great sales on all Christmas decor, most of mine comes from there! My little secret is shopping the day after Christmas, it’s a little tradition the ladies of my family have taken up the older I have gotten, and it is actually SO much fun. We wrack up every year! The fur skirt on this pink flocked tree is actually a fuzzy blanket that came from Target and was on clearance for $11, you’d never know it was actually a throw!


As for the deer head tree topper, I won it at a dirty santa party, but it came from Cracker Barrel, I got lucky! Cracker Barrel also has great sales on decor the day after Christmas, most of their merchandise is marked down to 75% off, and Hobby Lobby at 80-85% off!


I have to say that my favorite tree this year is the gold one in my bedroom, it is honestly a little corner of joy. Mom bought the gold tree at 411 and Main for a whopping $15! Amazing right? I filled the gold tree with white balls and a few fabulous black ornaments that match my room. I snagged a pack of 12 white balls for literally $5 the other day at Hobby Lobby.

img_19921.jpgThis tree instantly puts me in a good mood when I wake up in the mornings and relaxes me when I go to bed at night, which is exactly what I need with finals coming up. The topper on this tree is literally one of my fall floppy hats! I also used a cheetah print throw for the skirt.




My last tree us a small little rose gold 4 footer that I got from Walmart for $12. My aunt gets me a new Annalee elf each year, I have had an obsession with them for years! I’ve tried to be creative with finding a place to keep them every year so this year I figured they needed their own little tree so they could stay together! The adorable elf legs sticking out of the tree came from Kirklands last year the day after Christmas, they were 75% off and add the perfect little touch!IMG_2153




Happy decorating and Happy Holidays!

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