DIY lighted mirror

I hope you enjoy this DIY project, it has been my favorite so far and isn’t as hard as it looks!

Materials: Mirror glass, plywood, vanity light bars, all purpose gorilla glue, screws, wire nuts, wire cutters, cable (black, white, and copper wires inside) a 3 prong plug, and light bulbs.

I got lucky with getting a good bit of my materials for free with this project, so you can ask your family or friends if they have any mirrors or plywood laying around! The plywood and mirror glass were the biggest things I needed, my mirror was about 4 ft x 4 ft, so my boyfriend cut and connected the plywood to fit the mirror and the light bars that go around it. For the lights surrounding the mirror, I ordered 3 vanity lights bars (4 ft long) off of IMG_0773IMG_0860 They were about $75 for all 3, but you can find them cheaper to fit your mirror as well! I painted the plywood the same color as the light bars (white) and screwed those on first. After the light bars were screwed on, I used the mirror mounting gorilla glue in a calk gun to mount the mirror to the wood, make sure to measure and make it even! You will need to let it sit for 24 hours before standing it up or moving it to a different room.

Now for the fun part, wiring it up! I did it all by myself while watching a few youtube videos and it wasn’t very hard. I started at the top, cut your cable that you bought to reach from light bar to light bar, strip the cable about an inch to separate the wires and connect the colors with wire nuts! All of your light bars have to be connected, so I connected the top to the left and right side light bars (don’t worry, you can put more than 2 wires in a wire nut, just make sure all 3 are screwed in tight) After all the light bars are wired up and together, it’s time to wire up the plug and then we are almost done! IMG_0965The ground wire goes on the top, black wire goes with brass and white wire goes with silver. I watched a youtube video on how to connect the wires to the plug and it was super easy. Just make sure all 3 little screws are tightened on top of their color wire! Put the plug back together and then it’s time to plug it in! I got my boyfriend to plug it in after he checked everything , so no one got shocked 😉

When Taylor plugged it in and my hard work ACTUALLY WORKED… felt like Christmas  morning to me! This has by far been one of my favorite DIY’s ever, now I have the most perfect dressing room! If you have any questions on making your own vanity or dressing mirror, feel free to email me!

I would love to hear your feedback!

Lindsay Roberts

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