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Spring DIY Projects

Hi friends! Happy Spring!

Since we bought our new house in December, I have been doing alllll the projects. We painted the entire house ourselves (lawd) and since I have had some time at home during the quarantine, I have been organizing and painting some hand-me-down furniture to get the house more in order. I honestly love doing projects and seeing before and after progress on things that save me so much money.

We painted the house Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore – it turned out GORG and is the perfect gray for us. It matches everything! Between Taylor and I, it probably took us around 2 months to finish everything besides our upstairs, which we have totally put off. Mom and I also painted the ceilings in the bedrooms and all trim. I finally finished the trim throughout the main part of the house and am still working on the ceilings. Ceilings are probably my least favorite, I can’t tell y’all how many times paint has splattered into my eyes, ha! The fresh white trim and ceilings make a huge difference though, and we saved at least a few thousand dollars painting everything ourselves.

Some family members have given us a few pieces of furniture that I have had the time to redo during my quarantine time. I started with this adorable rounded accent table that was distressed before. I sanded it and gave it a fresh bright look with the color White Wisp by Benjamin Moore. I painted the doors Aspen Leaf by Joanna Gaines (the same color as my front door) and stained the top with a dark walnut wood stain. I plan to put this table in the corner of my living area by the fireplace, so Taylor can hide his xbox inside of it. The front door opens up holla! Here is a before and after.

The dining room table that was given to us just needed a fresh coat of paint and stain. I painted the legs White Wisp and stained the top with a dark walnut wood stain. It looks SO much better and I adore the blue bench and chairs I picked out. Shop them here: Blue Linen BenchBeige Linen Chairs.


This console table was also given to me, I gave it a few fresh coats if white wisp paint and painted the top Southern Gray by Benjamin Moore (also the color of my cabinets) and it looks so much better! I put it against the wall when you walk in our front door and it definitely adds coziness to the space. The lamp is super pretty, modern, and adds a pop of color. Shop the lamp (also comes in other colors) here: Blue Color Block Lamp. I had to put the pups’ toy basket on top of the table, I tried the fire place but they ripped into it every five minutes, ha!


My front door project has been my favorite so far. I went with Aspen Leaf by Joanna Gaines and I am totally in love with how it turned out! It definitely gives the front of my house a pop of color. I made the wreath out of some supplies I picked up from Hobby Lobby last month before COVID-19 started spreading throughout AL. It was inexpensive to make and turned out adorable! The striped door mat is also from Hobby Lobby, and the “cheers” mat is from Target. Watch me redo the entire door here: Front Door Facelift. Here is a before and after!


My largest project during my quarantine has been my cabinets. I used the color Southern Gray by Benjamin Moore and I love the way they turned out! It took me a little over a week to finish the entire kitchen. Now if I wasn’t off work, it would’ve taken me a month probably. The only hard part about it was how time consuming it was. I took all the doors off, sanded both sides, wiped them clean, and painted both sides with two coats. I also got new hardware for the cabinets and drawers and love how they look. The quality of them is amazing and they definitely add a modern touch to my kitchen. I did about drive myself nuts with the hardware, it is SO hard to get them on perfectly straight. Like, these cabinets kept me up at night, lol. I used a semi-gloss paint so they will be protected from splatters and easy to wipe clean. Shop my hardware here: Cabinet PullDrawer Pull. Next is new countertops, flooring, new appliances, and backsplash. I can’t WAIT for you guys to see all of my ideas for backsplash etc. Here are a few before, during, and after photos. Not pictured is the other side of the kitchen, there are cabinets around the stove area!

During (hot mess)

I have had this mirror for years, and I think it has been just about every color! I decided my bedroom needed a little edge added to it. So I painted it black and I love how it looks on our dresser!


I hope this post gives you guys some inspiration to do something fun, at home, and creative with your quarantine time! It has been so rewarding and I love that my first home is coming together. Something about creating spaces in my first home myself is so rewarding and makes me so happy! I am currently working on finishing painting the ceilings through the hallway and living room, and painting our upstairs. Show me your quarantine projects, I would love to see them!

xx, Linds

Ireland Itinerary ~ October 2019


I am so excited to finally share our complete Ireland itinerary! Get ready to dive in, because this is a long one… A whole week of living the Irish culture, drinking lots of Guiness and Irish coffee, and seeing the most beautiful views in the whole world! Ireland is so special to me, my family, and now Taylor as well. We spent about a year planning our trip to Ireland, the meaning of the trip was to celebrate my college graduation but it turned into so much more than I could have ever asked for or imagined!


Day 1: Dublin, Ireland                           

We flew into Dublin after a 10 hour flight, Taylor slept about five hours and I slept about zero, ha. Thank the Lord for Delta’s movie screens and our Amazon neck pillows. After shuttling across the airport to pick up our car from Hertz, we arrived to find that our car was the size of a smart car, so we upgraded to an SUV because our luggage would not even fit in the tiny one. Spend the extra money for am SUV, trust me! I was so nervous about the driving that I made myself nauseous, Taylor immediately proved me wrong and drove like a pro. Opposite steering wheel side and opposite side of the road did not phase him after a few minutes of adjusting to it. We stayed one night in Dublin, at the Academy Plaza, it was so nice! The Plaza was super close to downtown and in walking distance to tons of restaurants. We did not have time to see much in Dublin, and left the next morning to head to County Cork, Ireland. Next time I definitely want to see a little more of Dublin, although it is commercialized, there are still some great tourist spots to visit. Also, Irish coffee is one of the best things I have ever tasted.


Day 2: County Cork, Ireland 

On day two we drove about three hours south-west of Dublin to County Cork, where we first stopped in Cork City to go sight seeing. Cork City is close to the water with lots to do and see. We toured Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral and it was beautiful. We walked around The English Market, which was filled with tons of fresh meats and vegetables, the fish made me turn green, but the experience was cool. Locals have been shopping at the market since 1788, it has changed and been rebuilt a few times since then! We left Cork City and headed to see Blarney Castle, only about twenty minutes outside of Cork’s City Center. Blarney Castle is one of my favorite spots in Ireland, the castle is completely open for touring and climbing to the top. My grandfather climbed to the top and kissed the Blarney Stone over 10 years ago, after almost chickening out from what I hear, but then he even bought the picture of him kissing it! I kissed the stone and Taylor took some photos, don’t worry, they sanitize the stone often. We walked around the grounds, which are breathtaking, and took some of the best pictures. We spent the night in Kinsale, County Cork. Kinsale is a cute little seaside town, with tiny roads, lol. We stayed in The White House, B&B. It was a charming Bed and Breakfast with a delicious restaurant downstairs. We had dinner in the restaurant downstairs from the B&B. I tried fresh muscles that were DELISH and some local wine. The drive out of Kinsale that next morning was a little rough… the roads were super curvy and tiny, I ended up getting car sick an hour out of our drive, so Taylor pulled over into someone’s driveway and I puked my guts up in the pouring rain. I will never forget that, ha! When I was done being sick, I looked up and a little Irish man was standing in his front window watching me, poor guy.   It was raining, so I don’t think he was worried about his driveway as much as he was me, by the look on his face! I would probably spend the night in Cork City next time we go to County Cork, although, Kinsale is very authentic and a must see when visiting Co Cork!


Day 3: Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland      

On day three we headed to Killarney, which ended up being my absolute favorite city in Ireland. There is SO much to do in Killarney, we stayed two nights, next time I want to stay a week there. Our hotel in Killarney was absolutely amazing. We stayed at The Fairview Hotel and it could not have been better. James, the manager, is our bestie for life and recommends the most amazing restaurants. He is fun to hang out with too, if you ever get the chance to visit, tell James we sent you! We can’t wait to go back and visit him. The room looked over the busy and colorful street, had a jacuzzi tub, and the best hospitality and staff. We visited Ross Castle when we got settled in, there is a giant lake surrounding the castle, carriage rides, and boat tours as well. We ate at Cronin’s Restaurant our first night in Killarney, recommended by James of course.


Day 4: Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland      

Our second day in Killarney was nothing short of amazing. We visited the Muckross House (hello beautiful) and hiked six miles around Muckross Lake. I forgot my hiking boots, so I will definitely be taking those next time. Muckross lake has the most breathtaking views, and there is a tea cottage across the lake, half way through the hike. Killarney is the best city to walk around, visit local pubs, buy all the Irish goodies, and eat Irish coffee ice cream. We spent a few hours just walking around, hopping into pubs, and hanging out with the locals. For dinner, James recommended Bricin Restaurant. In walking distance from our hotel, the restaurant was a little fancy and so delicious. Let’s talk about the food in Ireland! Prepare to eat tons of seafood, fish and chips, and lots of potatoes of course. The country serves potatoes on everything, and I mean everything! I ordered a side salad and their version of croutons were tiny potato wedges, if that tells you anything! I did eat my first authentic fish and chips meal, a few times actually. One of the most amazing things about restaurants in Ireland is that everything is fresh and from local farms. I was so sad to leave Killarney, we can’t wait to go back and stay at The Fairview again.


Day 5: County Clare, Ireland    

On day five, we made it to Doolin after crossing with our car on a ferry. Doolin is a little authentic seaside village just ten minutes away from the Cliffs of Moher. The weather was rainy so we decided to see Doolin to let the weather ease up before visiting the Cliffs. Doolin turned out to be one of my favorite spots in Ireland, the people were so nice, welcoming, and truly live out the Irish culture. There are only a few shops in Doolin, which mostly carried Irish wool sweaters, and one restaurant where we ate lunch. The Doonagore Castle is off the road on the drive in and out of Doolin going towards the Cliffs, so we parked the car and walked to the castle. This was THE most beautiful view I have ever seen, it was breathtaking. The roads in Doolin are very very small, we even had to stop and wait on a farmer to herd his cows down the road but it was entertaining for sure. Taylor was a champ at driving, so I eventually stopped worrying completely! I only got car sick once…. and if you know me, you know that is shocking. We left Doolin after the sun started to peep through the clouds and headed back to the Cliffs of Moher. It was only 8 euro per person and tickets are 24 hours. There are two sides for tourists at the Cliffs that you can walk on, one is a bit safer than the other and holds O’Briens Tower. We went there first to take a few pictures, the other side of the Cliffs is where the speechless views are. There is a concrete walkway on both sides of the Cliffs, and it eventually ends where you can walk literally out on to the Cliffs. There are many danger signs up throughout the grass and dirt areas on the free range parts of the Cliffs, but many people lose their lives each year there. It gets super windy so I would never get too close to the edge. We did take the time to walk the entire Cliff as far as we could go, and it was so worth it. We met another young couple that was from Los Angeles and took turns taking pictures of each other, I think we took a hundred pictures at the Cliffs. It was so amazing and looked 3D, not even real. Taylor said I kept taking pictures of the same thing, but it was so pretty that I did not want to miss an inch, ha! Of course I came home with the best photos and all. The Welcome Center at the Cliffs of Moher is probably the most amazing Welcome Center I have ever seen. Most of it was underground, they had café’s and coffee shops through the center, a huge gift shop for all of us souvenir junkies, and a path of facts and photos of the history of the Cliffs. We spent some time in the Welcome Center and then headed to Bunratty to spend the night at a Bed and Breakfast. Taylor did so amazing driving during the day, but driving at night was a little scary because there are basically no street lights.


Doolin, Ireland


Cliffs of Moher, Ireland



Day 6: County Galway, Ireland 

We spent the night in Bunratty on day five at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast that the sweetest family owned. On the morning of day six we visited Bunratty Castle before heading to County Galway. Bunratty Castle is a must see in Ireland. The grounds are beautiful with live animals walking about. The Castle is available to tour completely to the top, and there are even little cottages on the grounds that hold classes that teach pottery and serve tea. We made our way to the roof of the castle and stood just looking out at the landscape, it was breathtaking! We left Bunratty and headed to Galway City. Galway is definitely a college town with more of a younger crowd. We explored downtown, ate at a local café, shopped a little, and then traveled to our next town.

Bunratty B&B


Bunratty Castle


Galway City



Day 6 Continued: Clifden, County Galway, Ireland

After leaving Galway City, we headed to our next destination in County Galway, which was a little town called Clifden. We booked a night in the Abbeyglen Castle Hotel in Clifden, which was almost out in the middle of nowhere, but so beautiful and the drive through the mountains was absolutely amazing. We planned on staying in that night because the castle holds a royal dinner for its’ guests. Once we were checked in we went down to the bar, got a few drinks and went out to the terrace to relax for a bit. The grounds at the Abbeyglen are stunning, the landscaping is beautiful and they even have helicopter pads. We hung out outside before it started to get dark and Taylor PROPOSED to me! It was a complete dream, check out all of our engagement details on my Engaged Blog Post! After all of the excitement was over, we went into the lobby for a champagne toast. The owner of the Abbeyglen told us a little about it’s history, it truly is amazing! The Castle was owned by a large family, and when the woman of the house was eventually alone, she turned it into a girl’s orphanage. After she died, the bank took over and now it is owned and operated as a hotel by the sweetest man and his family. We love the Abbeyglen Castle Hotel and can’t wait to visit again soon, it was truly one of the best experiences!

Abbeyglen Castle Hotel



Day 7: Donegal Town, County Donegal, Ireland        

Donegal was an adorable town with tons of history and things to see. We walked around town, hopped in a few pubs for a drink, and visited the Donegal Castle. We stayed in the Rossmore Estate, owned by the sweetest family. Our room was very private and on the side of the house. The view was GORGEOUS, overlooking a large lake with tons of greenery and acreage. Donegal is surrounded by water, so the wind was insane! At this point in the trip, we just wanted to relax. We ate at a local restaurant, and then went back to Rossmore.

Donegal Castle



Rossmore Estate




Day 8: Enfield, County Meath, Ireland                

When we arrived in Enfield, which was just 30 minutes outside of Dublin, we checked into the nicest estate. We stayed at The Johnstown Estate and it was beyond beautiful. The rooms are luxurious, there are two restaurants inside the estate, a private courtyard, bars, spas, a salon, pools, and gyms. We ate at a local café for lunch in downtown Enfield, and ate at a restaurant at the estate for dinner. By this night, we were exhausted, needed hours of sleep, and had to figure out how to pack all of my souvenirs to fly home safely… lol. Our room at the Johnstown Estate was super comfortable, we spent time walking around the hotel, talking to the staff, exploring the grounds, and I took the longest bubble bath before bed.

Johnstown Estate


Day 9: Dublin Airport

We left early for the airport because checking in and turning in the rental car is a whole process. Turning in the Hertz rental car was super easy, and the airport staff was helpful as well. I will say that the flight to Ireland was much better than the flight home. We flew red-eye on the way there so it was quiet and we were able to get a little rest,
I did not really sleep on the way there but it was peaceful. The flight home was bright, allllll day long, and seemed never ending. By the time we landed in ATL, I was ready to sprint off the plane. The plane food is not the best, but it’s not terrible either. We flew comfort + so we got free drinks at least. The only thing I really do not like is how the plane smells after meals, which no one can really help. The smell just sticks to me or something. Delta movies were a life saver for the long flights, for sure.

That week FLEW by. I truly miss Ireland so much. We plan to visit often in the future, see Northern Ireland, and stay a lot longer in Killarney. Killarney was by far our favorite town and hotel of the trip. It was fun, energetic, adventurous, and we never ran out of things to do. I would 100% recommend honeymooning in Ireland if you are like us and don’t like to sit around all week on vacation! We are more outdoor exploring type of people, so Ireland was the perfect vacation for us! Our Ireland trip would not have been possible without Claire from Love Irish Tours. Her contact is! She was so amazing, made the process very easy for us, helped us plan out every detail, and even tweaked our itinerary a few times before our trip to meet our wishes.

“May your troubles be less, your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door.” – An Irish Blessing





St. Patrick’s Day


It is officially my favorite month of the year! A short story as to why I love this month – parts of my family and ancestors are from Ireland, and it has been a country that my grandparents and aunts, uncles, and cousins have always visited while growing up. My poppy (grandfather) loved Ireland, he always told me when I was younger that he couldn’t wait until I got to see the country, he knew I would love the cheery spirit of the Irish, and boy was he right! My sweet Poppy went to be with Jesus on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, of 2010. I miss him every day, and every year gets harder. This year is especially tough without him since I am getting married this year, he would have loved Taylor so much and probably would have made him play golf with him way too often! I got the chance to visit Ireland in fall of 2019 and it was nothing short of amazing. Ireland was everything that I dreamed it would be, or better. Getting engaged in Ireland made me love the country even more. Thanks, Tay!

I like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day all month long, it is my favorite holiday for many reasons! I gathered up a bunch of adorable St. Patty’s Day clothing and accessories, because we have the whole month to celebrate… we need all the St. Patty’s Day style! There are so many positive things I could say about Ireland. One of the things I loved is how every local treated us, they were cheerful, caring, and so helpful along our travels.


One thing that I am doing this month is running a St. Patrick’s Day themed 5k so I am totally dressing up for that. Give me all the tops and all the green! I am not against wearing my St. Patty’s Day attire all year around either, I mean why not?! I found Taylor a cool shirt to wear this month, and it’s only $10! I linked everything pictured below, happy shopping!

I got this tee for my sis and I so we can match this month! Shop it here
Snagged this tee and I’m definitely think I’ll wear it in my 5k later in March! Shop it here
How cute is this top?! Authentic pubs were one of the best parts of Ireland – Shop it here
I have lived in this sweatshirt for the past few weeks, no shame! Shop it here
Tay’s new tee! Purchase it here for ya man

We spent a day in Birmingham last weekend with my sister and brother in law and I wore this adorable tie-dyed sweatshirt. Tye-dye AND shamrocks? Nothing better! It is super comfy and only $22.


My girlfriend has an online boutique and makes the cutest tops! Search the group Madi Lou’s Boos on facebook to order – her designs are all so unique and you can’t beat the quality of her tees! You can also shop at her booth in Apple Barrel Antique’s in Oxford!


The only thing I have not gotten around to is picking out a few recipes to cook on St. Patrick’s Day. Cooking is definitely not my strong point, lol. I did pick up a few goodies in the Target dollar section to decorate with though.

I am praying for a healthy household for each of you during this wild time! Also praying for bank accounts during the quarantine and online shopping addiction, ha!

Happy St. Patrick’s day to all my people ☘️💚

xx, Linds




Valentine’s Day Style


I wanted to write a quick post and share some of the Valentine’s outfits and goodies I found for a steal. Pink is my go-to color all year, so I love styling for Valentine’s Day! I found some of the cutest sweaters, dresses, and heels that will be perfect for a night out with your girls, or a hot date with your person! There are some things that I do like to splurge on – but living on a budget and not spending a ton on materialistic items that we can find so much cheaper is just a great habit to have. All of the sweaters, pumps, and accessories are linked here in my blog post! Happy shopping, and happy Valentine’s Day 💗

First is this adorable silk hot pink dress! I wore it to an event recently and got so many compliments on how fun it was. It was flattering, comfortable, and appropriate, while a little sexy at the same time 💕 This dress is $24 (I am so serious) and I paired with a leopard and clear pump that are less than $20. I LOVE this outfit, and for less than $50 – you can’t beat it! 



All the pink sweaters are next! I love a good pink sweater – and honestly, you can never have too many! I put an effort to make sure every pink swearer I shared with you all are budget friendly as well. I have 2 of these and I wear them all the time! Some days, I pair a pink sweater with a pair of pixie work pants and booties for a day in the office, and on other days I throw one on with a pair of high waisted jeans, sneakers, and a cute belt. All of the sweaters I have linked below are less than $30!

$19 Hot Pink Sweater Dress
$17 Hot Pink Sweater
$29 Cropped Sweater
$14 Chunky Sweater

I found 2 more adorable accessories that are a must have for Valentine’s Day! Both are very affordable and will add a pop of color to your Valentine’s style 💕

Red Hot Bag 
Pink Leopard Pump

Looking for a gift for your best gal? I have heard nothing but amazing things about these makeup removers! I plan to snag one myself this weekend.

The Original Makeup Eraser

Whether you are spending the night in with your boo, or having a fun night out with your girlfriends, make the most of this fun holiday! We will be spending the night in, moving things and working on our new house. It’s a work in progress for sure! Happy Shopping, friends!


xoxo – Lindsay

New Chapter – New Name


There has been so much go on in my life recently, a completely new chapter. Nifty Thrifty Blondie has been my baby since 2017, and will always be part of why I started blogging at age 19 in the first place! SOOO much has changed since I started my blog. I graduated college, started a career (well make it 2), got engaged, bought a house, and now I am working on all the adulting things while planning a wedding and remodeling the new house as well. I am beyond thankful, and I am excited for a new chapter! Changing Nifty Thrifty Blondie’s name is something that has been on my mind for awhile, and lets face it, I’m not really a blondie anymore anyways.

I am looking forward to 2020 more than I can explain! I can’t wait to share wedding festivities, home decor and renovation, a million Frenchie photos, beauty products, sales, steals, and lots of fashion, of course. Labels and Linds is a more simple name, and flows together perfectly. Sometimes my friends ask me why I started blogging in the first place, and I have different answers to be honest. I had hung up my pompoms at the start of junior year in college so I could take an internship, and I wanted a hobby that consisted of something I loved, which is home and fashion. I went out on a limb and launched the blog, and it has turned into something that I love so much. My favorite part of sharing, is helping my friends find amazing things on a budget!

I started to be fashion obsessed years ago when the E! Channel would play episodes of Sex and The City over and over. My mom never allowed me to watch it by myself because it was definitely not appropriate for a 13 year old, but I would sneak home from school and run to the TV to see if E! was playing episodes. They usually were, and I had seen every one by the time I was 16. Sorry mom, love you! My mom understands now that I only wanted to watch it for the fashion part of it, I truly have always been obsessed with shoes. Stay tuned for so many exciting things coming to my blog this year, especially if you’re a young adult and learning ins and outs of adulting! We are deep into wedding planning as well, and I can’t wait to come up with some projects to share with my fellow fiancés. Who can guess what the theme of my bachelorette party is going to be 😉


ps. Meet Tucker’s new baby brother, Finnegan! He is so precious and we are so happy that Tuck has a brother now. We believe he will be happier with a companion, someone to play with 24/7, and never lonely. Taylor’s family has Tucker’s older sister and they decided to have a litter of puppies with her, they are all the most snuggly little love bugs and all went to great homes.





xoxo – Linds


SOOOO – I have really been wanting to share our engagement details. BUT I thought Taylor might kill me. He is a very private person, and clearly I am not because I love to share things with you all! I am the hopeless romantic, mushy gushy one between the two of us and I am definitely the louder one in the relationship. Tay does not have any social media and does not want any, and I totally admire him for that. He is a good sport about my blog and platform, although he may get annoyed when he takes way too many photos for me, he only complains when I take drastic amounts of time.

Most of our friends know that we visited Ireland for ten days in October. We planned the trip a year in advance, to celebrate my college graduation. We chose Ireland mainly because I have always wanted to go and I talked Taylor into wanting to go for the past three years by sending him hundreds of photos of the country. He has always wanted to see the Cliffs of Moher, and I am obsessed with castles, history, the Irish culture, and everything else about Ireland if I’m being honest. My family has visited the country numerous times over the years, so they were also a help. Our ancestors are from Ireland, so getting to learn the culture of the country has been something that I always wanted to do. We planned and paid for our trip in advance so when we got to Ireland we could enjoy our time together seeing the entire beautiful country.

Taylor and I have talked openly about marriage over time. We have always been super honest in our relationship about what we want, the future, and our goals together. I do think that this is so important when planning for the future. I told him a long time ago that I would rather wait until after college graduation or toward the end of senior year to get engaged IF he was wanting to. Tay is 26, so he has been career established for a few years now. He has been so supportive of me with school, my career, and starting a new job in December as well. We really wanted to focus on establishing ourselves before we focused on marriage. Being financially stable was one of the main priorities that we wanted to lock down before marriage or anything else. For some people, it is not, and that is totally okay! Everyone is different and has a different view on a marriage time frame. We agreed that we were going to do whatever we could in advance to make the marriage transition financially easier for us. Taylor is very smart with money, and I have a business degree, so that may have something to do with it!

When we traveled to Ireland, I was graduated from college for a few months and working my first “big girl” job for almost a year. I secretly was wishing he had something up his sleeve about a proposal, and he probably knew that. It was day 8 on our trip and by this point I had lost ALL hope. We visited every castle, the cliffs, countryside, everything that we had wanted to see, we saw. The second to last night of our trip we had planned to spend the night in a castle in Clifden, Ireland. The Abbeyglen Castle was so beautiful, out in the middle of nowhere, and very romantic. By day 8 on our trip, we were winding down and super exhausted. The castle hosted a royal dinner and toast hour so we were definitely staying in for the night. I did pack a formal gown (ya know just incase Taylor wanted to get dressed up hint hint) and mentioned to him that we should get dressed up for dinner. He told me “no one else is super dressed up so let’s just wear our jeans and sweaters.” I casually tried to not act sad by saying “okay..” but pretty much died on the inside because it was definitely not happening then! The sun was starting to set over the mountains so we decided to go outside and sit on the terrace, it overlooked the town of Clifden and the grounds at the Abbeyglen Castle, which had amazing landscaping and even helicopter pads. We stood on the terrace just chatting for a bit and laughing about memories we had made throughout the week. Taylor was a little bit behind me and coughed, I didn’t think anything of it, then he coughed again and I turned around to say “are you okay” and of course he was down on one knee. I completely froze and he said “will you marry me?” After that I totally blacked out, I had to ask him if I even said yes! He said that I did and I hugged him super tight. When I saw my ring I just stood there in shock. It really is true that you black out when people say that happens after being proposed to! I did not even know what I was doing after it was all over, Taylor stood and watched me run around like a squirrel from excitement for a few minutes and just laughed. We FaceTimed my parents and sister, he told his family, and then we put our phones away and enjoyed every little moment for the next few days. The castle staff gave us bottles of champagne to celebrate, and we told each other all the mushy gushy things over a toast. Tay said that he had an entire speech prepared before he proposed, but completely forgot everything and just wanted to ask me when he was down on one knee. He was sure to spill his entire speech to me afterwards though and I cried my eyes out. He cried too, which made me cry harder. We giggled the rest of the night and it was more perfect than I could have ever dreamed. The owner of the castle gathered all the guests in the lobby for a tell-all about the Abbeyglen history, and at the end of his story he announced our engagement and we were NOT expecting that so we both turned bright red, it was so kind of him to do that. The castle hosts the Clifden town lottery so tickets were available for purchase. Multiple people bought us lottery tickets to wish us well, and it was so nice. We didn’t win the Clifden lottery sadly, BUT we will seriously never forget people bringing us lottery tickets all night. We actually missed the royal dinner due to all the excitement, before we realized, it was after 10 pm. We ended up going downtown and getting Chinese, it was worth it!



I told Taylor that I wanted to enjoy the last few days of our trip before announcing our engagement. We told our families over the phone, and I texted some of my closest friends. I waited until we were home to post it on social media, and I am so glad that I did. Posting big life events online is fun and exciting, don’t get me wrong. But enjoying every moment with your person is WAY more exciting than anything else.



October 6, 2019 will be so special to us forever! We are getting married December 12, 2020 and I am starting to dive deep into wedding planning. My New Years resolution this year is to not stress about the little things, enjoy as much as possible because everything will work out perfectly in the end. This year is going to fly by, but I am truly enjoying this season already. Our engagement was a fairytale, and I know our wedding will be too! I am thankful for a giant support system of women who love all things wedding, no joke!




Life Updates / December 2019

Hi friends!

I hope you are all having the most amazing holiday season so far. For the first time in my life, I am still not 100% in the Christmas spirit and it totally stinks so I am sharing some life updates with my people just because! I have totally been MIA from Instagram and my blog for a few weeks because it has just been wild around here! If you know me, you know I am the Christmas queen and go all out for the holidays. This year we have had more going on than we have in our entire lives, so I am really struggling trying to get into the spirit. I truly love doing all the Christmas things, from ice skating, seeing movies, shopping, seeing light shows, to just hanging out with everyone I love. I pray that all of you are doing everything that you love and enjoy this holiday season! I did decorate early so I have been enjoying the comfort and spirit of my trees in the house since early November.

SO, here is what is going on in the life of Taylor and Lindsay lately….we put an offer on a house and have been negotiating back and forth on all of the house things. Buying a house is NOT easy, ha! We did get lucky to have found an amazing real estate agent and mortgage company, we could not have done any of this without them. Being first time home buyers, we definitely did not know a ton. I knew a little bit about real estate from college and Taylor did his research too, but there are so many dynamics to purchasing your first home and being smart about it. My advice would be to do your research, save up as much as you can for a down payment, ask your family for advice, and then do some more research! We know that everything is going to work out in the end with the new house, it is the perfect starter home and in a great location… and it is only 6 minutes away from Target but let’s not remind Taylor. We have a publix too though and I am super excited about that. What we are trying to figure out right now is if we should paint the entire house ourselves, or hire someone to do it for us. Let’s be honest here, I think painting ourselves would save so much money, but there is no telling how long it would take us to paint a four bedroom house. We have plans for a kitchen remodel, and to knock the wall between the kitchen and living room out. I am excited to get everything going and join the Anniston/Oxford community. I am most excited about being a little closer to my family, we will be super close to the interstate and only thirty-five minutes down the interstate from my parents. Stay tuned for lots of home projects, DIY’s, and decor coming soon to my blog! I plan to share as much of this process as possible with all of you. Maybe it will help some of my first time home buyer friends out and answer some questions that anyone may have!

I recently changed jobs and am now a Marketing Specialist for a company in Anniston called Civilian Marksmanship Program. I will miss my JSU and Sodexo family, but will of course stay involved with campus events and ZTA Alumnae. I’m thankful to have made forever friends at JSU Dining! This transition has been amazing and I already love the work environment here at CMP. I’m super close to our new home, and will have tons of opportunity for growth within my career. I’m most excited to learn more about the Marketing world, and the culture of a new company. I was 100% terrified to transition into a new job only one year after starting my first full time job, but opportunities are endless, so I just went for it!

We officially set our wedding date for December 12, 2020! I know this next year will fly by, so I am soaking every minute of planning in. I was actually worried about planning at first but it has been pretty fun so far, it’s just VERY hard to make final decisions on wedding details. Venues, catering, and all of the above are so hard to choose between. There are so many choices when it comes to planning a wedding these days, too many to narrow down! It also does not help that I am indecisive, ha! I do love what we have planned so far though, and I know it will all come together on our wedding day perfectly. It is going to be a winter wonderland dream!

I’m not going to lie, I have let all of these new home things and planning and deciding add up and stress me out, but I am working on it! God is so so faithful and I am undeserving of Him, as we all are. Everything that we have going on right now has all fallen into place at the right time, and we know that is all because of Him. I could not be more thankful for this season of life, and I am taking a few minutes each day to take a step back and realize how lucky I am. Moral of the complete story – let’s stop letting stress and phases of life steal our joy! I know that I am working so hard to not let all of the things that worry me steal my joy and the spirit of the season. Sending all the love to my friends this season!


Linds (& a little bit of Tay)