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New Chapter – New Name


There has been so much go on in my life recently, a completely new chapter. Nifty Thrifty Blondie has been my baby since 2017, and will always be part of why I started blogging at age 19 in the first place! SOOO much has changed since I started my blog. I graduated college, started a career (well make it 2), got engaged, bought a house, and now I am working on all the adulting things while planning a wedding and remodeling the new house as well. I am beyond thankful, and I am excited for a new chapter! Changing Nifty Thrifty Blondie’s name is something that has been on my mind for awhile, and lets face it, I’m not really a blondie anymore anyways.

I am looking forward to 2020 more than I can explain! I can’t wait to share wedding festivities, home decor and renovation, a million Frenchie photos, beauty products, sales, steals, and lots of fashion, of course. Labels and Linds is a more simple name, and flows together perfectly. Sometimes my friends ask me why I started blogging in the first place, and I have different answers to be honest. I had hung up my pompoms at the start of junior year in college so I could take an internship, and I wanted a hobby that consisted of something I loved, which is home and fashion. I went out on a limb and launched the blog, and it has turned into something that I love so much. My favorite part of sharing, is helping my friends find amazing things on a budget!

I started to be fashion obsessed years ago when the E! Channel would play episodes of Sex and The City over and over. My mom never allowed me to watch it by myself because it was definitely not appropriate for a 13 year old, but I would sneak home from school and run to the TV to see if E! was playing episodes. They usually were, and I had seen every one by the time I was 16. Sorry mom, love you! My mom understands now that I only wanted to watch it for the fashion part of it, I truly have always been obsessed with shoes. Stay tuned for so many exciting things coming to my blog this year, especially if you’re a young adult and learning ins and outs of adulting! We are deep into wedding planning as well, and I can’t wait to come up with some projects to share with my fellow fiancĂ©s. Who can guess what the theme of my bachelorette party is going to be 😉


ps. Meet Tucker’s new baby brother, Finnegan! He is so precious and we are so happy that Tuck has a brother now. We believe he will be happier with a companion, someone to play with 24/7, and never lonely. Taylor’s family has Tucker’s older sister and they decided to have a litter of puppies with her, they are all the most snuggly little love bugs and all went to great homes.





xoxo – Linds


SOOOO – I have really been wanting to share our engagement details. BUT I thought Taylor might kill me. He is a very private person, and clearly I am not because I love to share things with you all! I am the hopeless romantic, mushy gushy one between the two of us and I am definitely the louder one in the relationship. Tay does not have any social media and does not want any, and I totally admire him for that. He is a good sport about my blog and platform, although he may get annoyed when he takes way too many photos for me, he only complains when I take drastic amounts of time.

Most of our friends know that we visited Ireland for ten days in October. We planned the trip a year in advance, to celebrate my college graduation. We chose Ireland mainly because I have always wanted to go and I talked Taylor into wanting to go for the past three years by sending him hundreds of photos of the country. He has always wanted to see the Cliffs of Moher, and I am obsessed with castles, history, the Irish culture, and everything else about Ireland if I’m being honest. My family has visited the country numerous times over the years, so they were also a help. Our ancestors are from Ireland, so getting to learn the culture of the country has been something that I always wanted to do. We planned and paid for our trip in advance so when we got to Ireland we could enjoy our time together seeing the entire beautiful country.

Taylor and I have talked openly about marriage over time. We have always been super honest in our relationship about what we want, the future, and our goals together. I do think that this is so important when planning for the future. I told him a long time ago that I would rather wait until after college graduation or toward the end of senior year to get engaged IF he was wanting to. Tay is 26, so he has been career established for a few years now. He has been so supportive of me with school, my career, and starting a new job in December as well. We really wanted to focus on establishing ourselves before we focused on marriage. Being financially stable was one of the main priorities that we wanted to lock down before marriage or anything else. For some people, it is not, and that is totally okay! Everyone is different and has a different view on a marriage time frame. We agreed that we were going to do whatever we could in advance to make the marriage transition financially easier for us. Taylor is very smart with money, and I have a business degree, so that may have something to do with it!

When we traveled to Ireland, I was graduated from college for a few months and working my first “big girl” job for almost a year. I secretly was wishing he had something up his sleeve about a proposal, and he probably knew that. It was day 8 on our trip and by this point I had lost ALL hope. We visited every castle, the cliffs, countryside, everything that we had wanted to see, we saw. The second to last night of our trip we had planned to spend the night in a castle in Clifden, Ireland. The Abbeyglen Castle was so beautiful, out in the middle of nowhere, and very romantic. By day 8 on our trip, we were winding down and super exhausted. The castle hosted a royal dinner and toast hour so we were definitely staying in for the night. I did pack a formal gown (ya know just incase Taylor wanted to get dressed up hint hint) and mentioned to him that we should get dressed up for dinner. He told me “no one else is super dressed up so let’s just wear our jeans and sweaters.” I casually tried to not act sad by saying “okay..” but pretty much died on the inside because it was definitely not happening then! The sun was starting to set over the mountains so we decided to go outside and sit on the terrace, it overlooked the town of Clifden and the grounds at the Abbeyglen Castle, which had amazing landscaping and even helicopter pads. We stood on the terrace just chatting for a bit and laughing about memories we had made throughout the week. Taylor was a little bit behind me and coughed, I didn’t think anything of it, then he coughed again and I turned around to say “are you okay” and of course he was down on one knee. I completely froze and he said “will you marry me?” After that I totally blacked out, I had to ask him if I even said yes! He said that I did and I hugged him super tight. When I saw my ring I just stood there in shock. It really is true that you black out when people say that happens after being proposed to! I did not even know what I was doing after it was all over, Taylor stood and watched me run around like a squirrel from excitement for a few minutes and just laughed. We FaceTimed my parents and sister, he told his family, and then we put our phones away and enjoyed every little moment for the next few days. The castle staff gave us bottles of champagne to celebrate, and we told each other all the mushy gushy things over a toast. Tay said that he had an entire speech prepared before he proposed, but completely forgot everything and just wanted to ask me when he was down on one knee. He was sure to spill his entire speech to me afterwards though and I cried my eyes out. He cried too, which made me cry harder. We giggled the rest of the night and it was more perfect than I could have ever dreamed. The owner of the castle gathered all the guests in the lobby for a tell-all about the Abbeyglen history, and at the end of his story he announced our engagement and we were NOT expecting that so we both turned bright red, it was so kind of him to do that. The castle hosts the Clifden town lottery so tickets were available for purchase. Multiple people bought us lottery tickets to wish us well, and it was so nice. We didn’t win the Clifden lottery sadly, BUT we will seriously never forget people bringing us lottery tickets all night. We actually missed the royal dinner due to all the excitement, before we realized, it was after 10 pm. We ended up going downtown and getting Chinese, it was worth it!



I told Taylor that I wanted to enjoy the last few days of our trip before announcing our engagement. We told our families over the phone, and I texted some of my closest friends. I waited until we were home to post it on social media, and I am so glad that I did. Posting big life events online is fun and exciting, don’t get me wrong. But enjoying every moment with your person is WAY more exciting than anything else.



October 6, 2019 will be so special to us forever! We are getting married December 12, 2020 and I am starting to dive deep into wedding planning. My New Years resolution this year is to not stress about the little things, enjoy as much as possible because everything will work out perfectly in the end. This year is going to fly by, but I am truly enjoying this season already. Our engagement was a fairytale, and I know our wedding will be too! I am thankful for a giant support system of women who love all things wedding, no joke!




Life Updates / December 2019

Hi friends!

I hope you are all having the most amazing holiday season so far. For the first time in my life, I am still not 100% in the Christmas spirit and it totally stinks so I am sharing some life updates with my people just because! I have totally been MIA from Instagram and my blog for a few weeks because it has just been wild around here! If you know me, you know I am the Christmas queen and go all out for the holidays. This year we have had more going on than we have in our entire lives, so I am really struggling trying to get into the spirit. I truly love doing all the Christmas things, from ice skating, seeing movies, shopping, seeing light shows, to just hanging out with everyone I love. I pray that all of you are doing everything that you love and enjoy this holiday season! I did decorate early so I have been enjoying the comfort and spirit of my trees in the house since early November.

SO, here is what is going on in the life of Taylor and Lindsay lately….we put an offer on a house and have been negotiating back and forth on all of the house things. Buying a house is NOT easy, ha! We did get lucky to have found an amazing real estate agent and mortgage company, we could not have done any of this without them. Being first time home buyers, we definitely did not know a ton. I knew a little bit about real estate from college and Taylor did his research too, but there are so many dynamics to purchasing your first home and being smart about it. My advice would be to do your research, save up as much as you can for a down payment, ask your family for advice, and then do some more research! We know that everything is going to work out in the end with the new house, it is the perfect starter home and in a great location… and it is only 6 minutes away from Target but let’s not remind Taylor. We have a publix too though and I am super excited about that. What we are trying to figure out right now is if we should paint the entire house ourselves, or hire someone to do it for us. Let’s be honest here, I think painting ourselves would save so much money, but there is no telling how long it would take us to paint a four bedroom house. We have plans for a kitchen remodel, and to knock the wall between the kitchen and living room out. I am excited to get everything going and join the Anniston/Oxford community. I am most excited about being a little closer to my family, we will be super close to the interstate and only thirty-five minutes down the interstate from my parents. Stay tuned for lots of home projects, DIY’s, and decor coming soon to my blog! I plan to share as much of this process as possible with all of you. Maybe it will help some of my first time home buyer friends out and answer some questions that anyone may have!

I recently changed jobs and am now a Marketing Specialist for a company in Anniston called Civilian Marksmanship Program. I will miss my JSU and Sodexo family, but will of course stay involved with campus events and ZTA Alumnae. I’m thankful to have made forever friends at JSU Dining! This transition has been amazing and I already love the work environment here at CMP. I’m super close to our new home, and will have tons of opportunity for growth within my career. I’m most excited to learn more about the Marketing world, and the culture of a new company. I was 100% terrified to transition into a new job only one year after starting my first full time job, but opportunities are endless, so I just went for it!

We officially set our wedding date for December 12, 2020! I know this next year will fly by, so I am soaking every minute of planning in. I was actually worried about planning at first but it has been pretty fun so far, it’s just VERY hard to make final decisions on wedding details. Venues, catering, and all of the above are so hard to choose between. There are so many choices when it comes to planning a wedding these days, too many to narrow down! It also does not help that I am indecisive, ha! I do love what we have planned so far though, and I know it will all come together on our wedding day perfectly. It is going to be a winter wonderland dream!

I’m not going to lie, I have let all of these new home things and planning and deciding add up and stress me out, but I am working on it! God is so so faithful and I am undeserving of Him, as we all are. Everything that we have going on right now has all fallen into place at the right time, and we know that is all because of Him. I could not be more thankful for this season of life, and I am taking a few minutes each day to take a step back and realize how lucky I am. Moral of the complete story – let’s stop letting stress and phases of life steal our joy! I know that I am working so hard to not let all of the things that worry me steal my joy and the spirit of the season. Sending all the love to my friends this season!


Linds (& a little bit of Tay)



Cozy Gift Guide For HER

Hi friends!

It is officially my favorite time of the year! AKA cold weather, Christmas, giving, spending time with family, over decorating, I seriously can not get enough. I do love to dress up, but during the holiday’s I really love to spend time at home, cozied up by the tree with the Hallmark channel on. I find myself grabbing more and more cozy clothes as winter approaches, and getting them as gifts for my friends! Everyone loves a cozy sweater, top, joggers, or even a coat as a gift during the holiday’s. I found a bunch of great cozy gifts for your girls this season and linked all of them for you guys, and they are ALL on sale!

Plush pullovers are a must this season! All of these are so adorable and cozy of course. Shop them here: Brown plush pullover, Ivy plush pullover, Pink teddy pullover, Color Block plush pullover.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of joggers! I have the olive one’s and I LOVE them, they are so comfortable, light weight, and are so easy to throw on with a pair of sneakers. Shop both pair here: Pink plush joggers, Olive joggers.

Next are these puffer coats that are on MAJOR sale right now! Both are less than $50 and are a must have for winter. Shop them here: Dusty puffer, Olive & brown puffer.

Last but not least, Pj’s! Matching pajamas with your besties is the best part of spending time with friends during the holiday festivities! All four of these pair are on sale for $15 and $12 right now, RUN! Striped PJ sets, Plaid PJ set, Plaid button up.

All off these choices are perfect for girly gifts, or even for yourself…I might have ordered a few of the pullovers for myself, ha. Snag all of these great gifts while they are on sale, Happy Shopping!


xoxo – Linds 

Transition into Fall 2019

Hi beautiful people!

It is that time of year still…that I absolutely cannot stand…90 degree weather in September when all I want to wear is SWEATERS. I am a very hot natured person, always sweating, so this Alabama heat gets to me bad! I have been ready for fall ever since summer weather hit 90 degrees. Nothing better than falling leaves and chilly air am I right?!

My favorite part about a new season is styling new pieces and finding new trends. I am all about diverse staple pieces in my closet that I can wear different ways, especially thrifty pieces that will last a long time! I have been focusing on sweaters, sneakers, and booties (duh) to share with all of you and to be able to jump into the fall season without breaking the bank. We are going on a trip soon and it will be mid 50’s and windy, so it was my perfect excuse to find amazing sweaters that I can share with all of you, for a nifty thrifty price!


Let’s talk about this first flat lay! I ordered my first EVER pair of Spanx leggings….not for $100 though (I could not bring myself to pay that for some dang leggings) I snagged them during the Nordstrom Sale in the summer for $60, totally worth it! I love them already and have officially given them the “pants” roll of my fall wardrobe. No shame! I also found a really cool pair of shimmer Spanx leggings for only $49 that I absolutely love as well. The adorable sweaters pictured above are less than $30, the striped sweater is $26, the light pink sweater is $18, both are amazing quality, and so soft! My Adidas sneakers are only $49, match everything, and are super comfortable… definitely a fall staple piece for me! My champagne luggage set comes with 3 beautiful and spacious pieces, it was a graduation present from Tay’s family and totally makes my luggage dreams come true. I am obsessed!


I have probably gone a little sweater overboard but they make me so excited for fall when they come in the mail! Let’s talk about these sweaters, they are BOTH only $17! The  white sweater is great for dressing up or down, and I love the pop of hot pink for a fun/casual look. I got these rain booties for our trip because they are super lightweight and easy to just slip right on with some skinny jeans and a sweater. I did finally snag some skinny jeans online that I l o v e. I have the hardest time finding jeans that I like and that fit me right, juicy booty thick thigh probs….these jeans are the perfect high waist for tucking in tops, and they are less than $40!

We are going to Ireland this month so I have been buying sweaters and booties for weeks! The weather in October is 40’s and 50’s, right up my alley! Stay tuned for alllll the Irish fall photos, I seriously can’t wait to share! I will link more budget friendly sweaters that I have ordered and all the fall booties below!

Sweater Weather: Hunter Green Sweater, Striped Sweater, Cream Sweater, More Stripes, Black Sweater, Grey Sweater, Green Sweater, Tie Front Ribbed 


ALLLL the Fall Booties: Patent Rain Booties, Snakeskin Booties, Taupe Booties, Leopard Booties, Grey Booties


Airplane Style: Leopard Joggers, Leopard Pullover, Tommy Sneakers



These styles are everything that I have racked up on so far for fall! I can’t wait to capture them in tons of fall mood photos! Happy fall and happy shopping, friends.