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Affordable Summer Beauty

Hello beautiful friends!

Today I am sharing tons of affordable beauty products that I am loving this summer! My goal this summer was to not spend as much money (even though it is so hard) on beauty products that I love just as much as the pricey ones. What’s better than finding amazing beauty products and saving money at the same time?! My mindset is… the less I spend, the more I can buy! Ha!

First let’s talk all things FACE – I am still loving the L.A. Girl pro matte foundation and it’s only $8.50 on Amazon too! Linked here: L.A. Girl pro matte foundation. I switch up my foundations from the L.A. Girl pro matte to the Makeup Revolution conceal and define full coverage foundation. It is $12 at Ulta and is so light weight! I also love the concealer that goes with the foundation and have been using it for months. It’s only $8 too and hands down the best concealer I have found lately! I did buy the new elf camo concealer and I totally bought a shade too light for me but I do like the concealer itself, you also can’t beat $5! I use 3 of Makeup Revolution’s baking powers in the shades banana, ghost, and translucent. I like to switch those up to just however I’m feeling that day – they are $8 at Ulta! As far as highlighters and bronzer, I find myself reaching for Makeup Revolution baked bronzer daily, the shade is beautiful and it is only $8, along with the baked highlighter! I also love the new Vintage Lace highlighter pallet by Makeup Revolution, it is $10 at Ulta and has 4 different shades! I do use a primer every day just to keep my pop up pores small, the two I found this summer are wet n’ wild water drop primer and catrice cosmetics prime and fine, both are less than $8 at Ulta! I do love a good setting spray as well, Milani’s “make it dewy” setting spray and Makeup Revolution’s fixing spray in the scent guava rose both have me hooked!












On to EYES – this summer I am really into more nudes and natural eye looks for daytime, but I do love a pop of glitter or color at night. I found a few pallets that have amazing pigment and have tons of nude options! One is the Makeup Revolution nudes chocolate, $7 at Ulta too! It’s small and perfect for travel. My favorite eye pallet so far is bh cosmetics “hangin in hawaii.” It is seriously soooo pretty and has tons of nudes, $16 at Ulta! I still love essence false lash mascara and lash princess mascara, they are $4.99 at Ulta and some of the best formula you will find in a good mascara! I like a super thin eyeliner line and the liner that has worked best for me is the essence felt tip eyeliner pen, and it’s only $2.99! I swear by that mascara and eyeliner over anything!



Lastly, LIPS, honey – I do struggle finding lip products that work well with my lips because of the eczema that decides to pop up when she wants. Products that are creamy and have moisture in them work best for me! I found a few lip liners that are amazing for the product and price, the first is essence soft contouring liner and l.a. girl “perfect precision” lip liner. I love a nude lip liner because it makes my lips look plump and juicy! Maybe one day I’ll stop being chicken and get lip fillers but as of now I am terrified lol. The two lipsticks I found are from Almay’s summer line in the shades “be strong” and “go wild.” I use the darker pink first and then put the nude on top, to transition into night, throw a glitter gloss on top and you are good to go! These lippies are only $7.99 too!



I have a video on my Youtube of most of these products as well, linked here: Affordable Summer Beauty

I hope you guys are having the best summer so far and saving tons of money for all the memories & travels to be made later! Happy shopping…






Jax Allen Designs

Hello friends!

I can’t believe it is almost May, I am starting to lose my mind with time passing so quickly! There are not enough days in the week, and the weekend flies by too quickly! Sunshine is one of the best things though, and today I am sharing a company that focuses on passion, empowering, and quality within their unique products. I found this company just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day with the amazing women in my family, and I couldn’t be more excited to share amazing gift ideas and treat yourself ideas with all of you! Jax Allen Designs has numerous unique products, from trendy tees to personalized jewelry of all shapes and sizes. Flowers are always a great idea, but why not get something for your special someone that has so much meaning behind it, and that will last forever?!

I picked out two sets of stud earrings that turned out so adorable in person, I picked the colors teal and gunmetal for my earrings and I picked the studs so I can wear them all summer long! I love studs during the summer because they are so easy to style with all outfits, from a beach dress to a swimmie. There is so much jewelry to choose from and personalize, from monogram jewelry, baby sonogram jewelry, memorial, wedding, graduation, and pet lover jewelry. By browsing the Jax Allen Design website, it is clear that there is so much meaning and love put behind each of these handmade pieces. Use the code NIFTY50 for 50% off all jewelry designs!



The tee I picked out is this adorable “save the chubby mermaids” tee, I can’t get enough of it! The soft and lightweight fabric is amazing of course, but what is on the tee is my favorite. The sea manatee population has been slowly decreasing, so these shirts truly send out a message to all sea animal lovers. Use the code NIFTY10 for 10% off all graphic tees!



Don’t forget to follow @jaxallendesigns on Instagram to stay in the know about new products and discount codes!





Marc Fisher Saves

Hi shoe lovers!

I recently saved a ton of doll hairs $$$ on some Marc Fisher spring/summer shoes so I had to share with all of you. I have always loved March Fisher’s, but they are a little pricey for the normal college student like me! I am always on the lookout for sales of great brands that I love, and hit the JACKPOT with these three pair of March Fisher’s that I recently purchased. I love it when my friends save money on beautiful staple pieces too! The weather in AL has been pretty much horrific, so I have been getting into the warmer weather mood by buying shoes lol.

This first pair are perfect for spring and summer, gold is SO in right now and these are the perfect height to throw on with a pair of jeans and a cute top, a sundress, or a mini skirt if you are going out for the night. They are perfect for dressing up or down, all spring and summer long! They are currently on sale for less than $45 – WHAT! There are 4 other springy colors in stock that are on sale as well, lots of sizes still in stock! Shop all colors here: Marc Fisher Rosie Espadrille Sandal












These black espadrilles are to die for – there are only a few sizes left in stock so hurry hurry! They are a whopping 72% off, from $160 to $33.74 right now! The dome studs add the perfect touch for a dressy platform sandal for spring and summer. They also have one size left (9.5) in the brown. Shop here: Marc Fisher Black Espadrille Sandal


The last pair I got are the cutest studded sandal ever. They are a little pricey for a sandal, BUT they are also a Valentino dupe. Valentino’s are definitely not in my price range (unfortunately) lol but these Marc Fisher sandals are so cute, I die over the gold studs. I am so so excited to wear these, they’ll match everything too! Shop Valentino dupes here: March Fisher/Valentino Dupes


Okay last pair and I’m done! I haven’t ordered these yet (I’m contemplating) but they are super cute. This is like my dream camo! There are a few sizes left and they are less than $40. I feel like a good flat or platform sneaker that is actually comfortable is going to be right around or more than $40. These are currently 71% off from $140 too! Shop my dream camo here: Marc Fisher Sneaker


Happy Shopping!


Linds from the Nifty Thrifty Blondie Blog


Fresh Locks With Formulate

FRIENDS! It has been a hot minute! As much as I would like to update my blog every week, sometimes life gets in the way and busy and that is okay! Before I spill all the tea about how my hair has gotten so soft and strong, I have to give a little bit of a life update… I got my FIRST big girl job HOORAY! Regardless, I do still have one semester of college left, but my company has graciously trusted me to take on this roll a little early and I am so grateful. For almost two years, I was the Marketing Intern for Sodexo USA at my University, Sodexo is an amazing food service company with so many opportunities. I recently applied and was offered the Field Marketing Specialist position and I could not be more excited to continue my journey at JSU, as well as continue my education. College students – if you have not found that perfect internship yet, keep looking! Don’t push the idea under the rug, you will learn and grow SO much from internships… I know I did, and you never know what opportunities might come your way! I have also met some of the best people that have turned into true friends.

Okay enough about me, let’s talk about FORMULATE. Formulate is a shampoo and conditioner company that engineers products just to fit y o u. They base their formulas off of your hair and the environment, which I love! One of my favorite things about Formulate is I actually know what is going into my hair and on my scalp, because let’s be honest… who reads the back of shampoo and conditioner bottles? I know I probably should… but I don’t. All of Formulate’s formulas are preservative free, sulfate free, paraben free, and cruelty free.

The Formulate process is super easy, all you have to do is fill out a few questions on your hair type and they hook you right up! My first formula was not perfect for my hair, so Formulate redesigned my formula and sent me a new one right over. Talk about great customer service! I have been using my updated formula for a few weeks now, and I can tell such a huge difference in my hair already. My ends are not as dry, my hair has moisture, and is so beyond soft I am loving it.

Since I am enjoying my Formulate products so much, I decided to team up with Formulate to give one of you a set of shampoo and conditioner of your own! Just click this link to enter: GIVEAWAY

Good luck! I can’t wait to see one of your results soon



If Monday Had A Face, I Would Punch It

Happy finally Tuesday, friends!

Yesterday I had the Mondayest of Mondays that I have ever had, today it is pretty funny, so I had to share some real life stories with y’all because not every day is unicorns and rainbows and that is okay!

My day started off with two finals, after my first one I ran to the ATM to make a deposit…the atm ate my card and refused to spit it out. The bank had to order me a new one and it won’t be here for 5 days (lol) I never realized how much I actually use my card so this might be good for my bank account for a few days. I was then late to my second final, but I made it.

Yesterday afternoon I finally got a little time to myself and my fur baby Tucker. Tuck is only 12 weeks old, so we are still working on potty training. He barked at the door to go outside to potty and y’all… I was SO proud, this is what we have been working towards! We played outside for a little while, he loves to chase leaves. He dug in his normal pile of leaves and I figured he was having a blast chewing on big acorns like normal, I picked him up and he had poo allllll over his face (I am certain it was his own) I had no words, so I held him out to take him inside to clean up, I didn’t take one step and he had sneezed and blown poo all over my face… then I truly had no words ha ha. It was definitely my first disgusted mother moment. Don’t worry, I scrubbed myself and him multiple times, he’s still cute…



I was still excited yesterday evening because I had won an auction of an elliptical on Facebook and Taylor and I were picking it up. We loaded up in the car, picked it up, and got to spend a little time together because it took a hot second to get there. On the way back, I was driving down a curvy backroad when a deer walked out in front of me, I slammed on the breaks as much as I could but the doe did not have any luck. I knew not to swerve, putting our lives and my vehicle in danger. Even as an avid hunter, it broke my heart because I hate to see any animal get hit by a car, much less hit one myself. I shed a few tears and Taylor decided to switch with me because I was a little upset. We decided we would turn around to make sure the deer wouldn’t suffer but I won’t go into details, I noticed a car coming out of a nearby driveway that was flashing lights and honking at us, I figured they were just in a hurry. No, these people were full blown coming after us. We kept driving, they kept chasing us, flashing lights, super close to the bumper, laying on the horn…. talk about something that happens in a crazy movie, I was scared out of my mind! Then I felt worse, they probably thought I hit it on purpose or something. We finally stopped being chased and made it to my house, what an adventure ha ha. The car had nothing on it but a few pieces of hair, it truly was an accident and I still feel terrible but I do know that those things happen pretty often, especially in the country. On the bright side, my new elliptical is pink.


Today I am laughing (not about the dead deer) because everyone has those days, the sun is shining, Christmas music is playing, and most importantly, God is STILL good!

I hope all of you have the best week, if you are a student, good luck on your finals… you got this!



FALL In Love With Wood Watches

This year I am loving all of the dark colors that go with the season, especially anything burgundy or plum colored. During the fall and winter, I tend to wear a lot of black and neutral colors so I am always looking for an accessory or staple piece that adds a pop of color to my wardrobe!


JORD wooden watches are the perfect accessory to add to your fall and winter style. I chose this plum color because it completely stands out on my wrist, and all of Jord’s watches are customizable for a quote or engraving if you are getting it as a gift. If you know me, you know that I love all things Cinderella, so my watch is engraved on the back “courage, kindness, and occasionally… just a little bit of magic” These words inspire me each day! My watch is called the “Frankie” in purpleheart and plum, check out my unique watch. It is so easy to match with other jewelry, but adds so much character that I do not have to worry about wearing a ton of other wrist candy! One of my favorite things about my Jord watch is that I can dress it up or down, I wear it when I dress up, but I have also thrown on a tee shirt and cardigan and my Jord watch as well.

To enter to win $100 towards a wood watch of your own, click here: JORD Giveaway It takes less than 30 seconds to enter!


Happy Holiday season, friends! I can’t wait to enjoy this beautiful watch for the rest of the season, I love this watch because it doesn’t distract me like my Apple Watch can at times when I am spending time with friends and family. JORD is a blessing!



Lindsay Roberts










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Mani-Pedi’s With LONDONTOWN

Hello friends! Today I am sharing my favorite nail polishes and the company that makes them. I loooove fall nail colors! I am always looking for great nail polishes that actually last, with no chipping and have popping pigment and have finally found the perfect polishes for my nails! Londontown is a trendy company that creates nail care and polishes at an affordable price.


This olive green color is one of my favorites, it is the color “star moss.” I added a little sparkle with the color “stargazing royalty.”

There are so many colors to choose from, it is impossible to just pick a few! I chose my colors according to the fall season and I am so happy with the way they have all turned out. I am loving the darker colors this fall, and it completely gotten me into the holiday spirit already! Londontown polishes last for days, with no worry of chipping! It is truly impossible to find polishes from your local stores that last for more than a day and do not chip within the first few hours of being painted.



Besides just colors, Londontown has so many nail care options to choose from as well. I got a base coat, gel top coat, protective top coat, and even nail drying oil for a quick dry with no smudge! All nail colors are under $20 and your bottle will last a lot longer than you think! I am also obsessed with the gift sets that are available, linked here: Londontown Gift Sets! Really though, I know what I am getting my friends and family for Christmas this year. The colors to choose from are so much fun, from pops of glitter to a true bright red for the holiday’s, any color from Londontown will have your nails beautiful for at least a week.



I like to tell myself that I have my life together if my nails are done, call me crazy, but it seriously makes me feel better! Use the code THRIFTYBLONDIE to get 25% off of your order on Londontown!