Transition into Fall 2019

Hi beautiful people!

It is that time of year still…that I absolutely cannot stand…90 degree weather in September when all I want to wear is SWEATERS. I am a very hot natured person, always sweating, so this Alabama heat gets to me bad! I have been ready for fall ever since summer weather hit 90 degrees. Nothing better than falling leaves and chilly air am I right?!

My favorite part about a new season is styling new pieces and finding new trends. I am all about diverse staple pieces in my closet that I can wear different ways, especially thrifty pieces that will last a long time! I have been focusing on sweaters, sneakers, and booties (duh) to share with all of you and to be able to jump into the fall season without breaking the bank. We are going on a trip soon and it will be mid 50’s and windy, so it was my perfect excuse to find amazing sweaters that I can share with all of you, for a nifty thrifty price!


Let’s talk about this first flat lay! I ordered my first EVER pair of Spanx leggings….not for $100 though (I could not bring myself to pay that for some dang leggings) I snagged them during the Nordstrom Sale in the summer for $60, totally worth it! I love them already and have officially given them the “pants” roll of my fall wardrobe. No shame! I also found a really cool pair of shimmer Spanx leggings for only $49 that I absolutely love as well. The adorable sweaters pictured above are less than $30, the striped sweater is $26, the light pink sweater is $18, both are amazing quality, and so soft! My Adidas sneakers are only $49, match everything, and are super comfortable… definitely a fall staple piece for me! My champagne luggage set comes with 3 beautiful and spacious pieces, it was a graduation present from Tay’s family and totally makes my luggage dreams come true. I am obsessed!


I have probably gone a little sweater overboard but they make me so excited for fall when they come in the mail! Let’s talk about these sweaters, they are BOTH only $17! The  white sweater is great for dressing up or down, and I love the pop of hot pink for a fun/casual look. I got these rain booties for our trip because they are super lightweight and easy to just slip right on with some skinny jeans and a sweater. I did finally snag some skinny jeans online that I l o v e. I have the hardest time finding jeans that I like and that fit me right, juicy booty thick thigh probs….these jeans are the perfect high waist for tucking in tops, and they are less than $40!

We are going to Ireland this month so I have been buying sweaters and booties for weeks! The weather in October is 40’s and 50’s, right up my alley! Stay tuned for alllll the Irish fall photos, I seriously can’t wait to share! I will link more budget friendly sweaters that I have ordered and all the fall booties below!

Sweater Weather: Hunter Green Sweater, Striped Sweater, Cream Sweater, More Stripes, Black Sweater, Grey Sweater, Green Sweater, Tie Front Ribbed 


ALLLL the Fall Booties: Patent Rain Booties, Snakeskin Booties, Taupe Booties, Leopard Booties, Grey Booties


Airplane Style: Leopard Joggers, Leopard Pullover, Tommy Sneakers



These styles are everything that I have racked up on so far for fall! I can’t wait to capture them in tons of fall mood photos! Happy fall and happy shopping, friends.





1 thought on “Transition into Fall 2019”

  1. I’m loving all things leopard this year, so I LOVE the boots you got!!! I can’t wait to see all your Irish pics. I love you sweet girl!!!


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