St. Patrick’s Day


It is officially my favorite month of the year! A short story as to why I love this month – parts of my family and ancestors are from Ireland, and it has been a country that my grandparents and aunts, uncles, and cousins have always visited while growing up. My poppy (grandfather) loved Ireland, he always told me when I was younger that he couldn’t wait until I got to see the country, he knew I would love the cheery spirit of the Irish, and boy was he right! My sweet Poppy went to be with Jesus on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, of 2010. I miss him every day, and every year gets harder. This year is especially tough without him since I am getting married this year, he would have loved Taylor so much and probably would have made him play golf with him way too often! I got the chance to visit Ireland in fall of 2019 and it was nothing short of amazing. Ireland was everything that I dreamed it would be, or better. Getting engaged in Ireland made me love the country even more. Thanks, Tay!

I like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day all month long, it is my favorite holiday for many reasons! I gathered up a bunch of adorable St. Patty’s Day clothing and accessories, because we have the whole month to celebrate… we need all the St. Patty’s Day style! There are so many positive things I could say about Ireland. One of the things I loved is how every local treated us, they were cheerful, caring, and so helpful along our travels.


One thing that I am doing this month is running a St. Patrick’s Day themed 5k so I am totally dressing up for that. Give me all the tops and all the green! I am not against wearing my St. Patty’s Day attire all year around either, I mean why not?! I found Taylor a cool shirt to wear this month, and it’s only $10! I linked everything pictured below, happy shopping!

I got this tee for my sis and I so we can match this month! Shop it here
Snagged this tee and I’m definitely think I’ll wear it in my 5k later in March! Shop it here
How cute is this top?! Authentic pubs were one of the best parts of Ireland – Shop it here
I have lived in this sweatshirt for the past few weeks, no shame! Shop it here
Tay’s new tee! Purchase it here for ya man

We spent a day in Birmingham last weekend with my sister and brother in law and I wore this adorable tie-dyed sweatshirt. Tye-dye AND shamrocks? Nothing better! It is super comfy and only $22.


My girlfriend has an online boutique and makes the cutest tops! Search the group Madi Lou’s Boos on facebook to order – her designs are all so unique and you can’t beat the quality of her tees! You can also shop at her booth in Apple Barrel Antique’s in Oxford!


The only thing I have not gotten around to is picking out a few recipes to cook on St. Patrick’s Day. Cooking is definitely not my strong point, lol. I did pick up a few goodies in the Target dollar section to decorate with though.

I am praying for a healthy household for each of you during this wild time! Also praying for bank accounts during the quarantine and online shopping addiction, ha!

Happy St. Patrick’s day to all my people ☘️💚

xx, Linds




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