If Monday Had A Face, I Would Punch It

Happy finally Tuesday, friends!

Yesterday I had the Mondayest of Mondays that I have ever had, today it is pretty funny, so I had to share some real life stories with y’all because not every day is unicorns and rainbows and that is okay!

My day started off with two finals, after my first one I ran to the ATM to make a deposit…the atm ate my card and refused to spit it out. The bank had to order me a new one and it won’t be here for 5 days (lol) I never realized how much I actually use my card so this might be good for my bank account for a few days. I was then late to my second final, but I made it.

Yesterday afternoon I finally got a little time to myself and my fur baby Tucker. Tuck is only 12 weeks old, so we are still working on potty training. He barked at the door to go outside to potty and y’all… I was SO proud, this is what we have been working towards! We played outside for a little while, he loves to chase leaves. He dug in his normal pile of leaves and I figured he was having a blast chewing on big acorns like normal, I picked him up and he had poo allllll over his face (I am certain it was his own) I had no words, so I held him out to take him inside to clean up, I didn’t take one step and he had sneezed and blown poo all over my face… then I truly had no words ha ha. It was definitely my first disgusted mother moment. Don’t worry, I scrubbed myself and him multiple times, he’s still cute…



I was still excited yesterday evening because I had won an auction of an elliptical on Facebook and Taylor and I were picking it up. We loaded up in the car, picked it up, and got to spend a little time together because it took a hot second to get there. On the way back, I was driving down a curvy backroad when a deer walked out in front of me, I slammed on the breaks as much as I could but the doe did not have any luck. I knew not to swerve, putting our lives and my vehicle in danger. Even as an avid hunter, it broke my heart because I hate to see any animal get hit by a car, much less hit one myself. I shed a few tears and Taylor decided to switch with me because I was a little upset. We decided we would turn around to make sure the deer wouldn’t suffer but I won’t go into details, I noticed a car coming out of a nearby driveway that was flashing lights and honking at us, I figured they were just in a hurry. No, these people were full blown coming after us. We kept driving, they kept chasing us, flashing lights, super close to the bumper, laying on the horn…. talk about something that happens in a crazy movie, I was scared out of my mind! Then I felt worse, they probably thought I hit it on purpose or something. We finally stopped being chased and made it to my house, what an adventure ha ha. The car had nothing on it but a few pieces of hair, it truly was an accident and I still feel terrible but I do know that those things happen pretty often, especially in the country. On the bright side, my new elliptical is pink.


Today I am laughing (not about the dead deer) because everyone has those days, the sun is shining, Christmas music is playing, and most importantly, God is STILL good!

I hope all of you have the best week, if you are a student, good luck on your finals… you got this!



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