What’s in my Makeup Case this Summer and How I am Battling Eczema

Hello people! I hope each of you are having a fabulous week. For so long I have been wanting to share which beauty products I can’t live without this summer and how I overcome my skin condition every day. In 2018, I was diagnosed with eczema, it was a little crazy because I had never had any case of it my entire life until 20 years old! The patches I have are in very odd places, around my eyes, mouth, different spots on my face, legs, and sometimes arms. If you know me, you know I loooove makeup and love to try out different products all the time. My Dermatologist basically told me I had to give my skin a break and stop wearing it to let my skin heal. Stopping cold was a struggle because I was used to putting it on every single day, it has always been part of my daily routine! I think makeup can give a girl a little confidence, and honestly it’s just fun!

I am currently on a cream medication for eczema, and I just have to take it day by day. Some days my skin does great, other days I want to claw it off. I have done lots of research on what products are better for those that have the skin condition, but honestly no makeup is actually good for eczema and that’s a given! I have to remove my makeup each day with 100% organic coconut oil, which keeps my skin as moist as it can. My morning makeup routine starts with heating up a little coconut oil before applying any makeup and massaging it into my face, around my eyes, and around my mouth. My skin usually soaks up most of the oil, so I apply makeup after letting it sit for about 3 minutes. Below is a photo of some of my patches, all of my eczema patches look like this, even on my eyelids. When my patches first started to flare up, I refused to wear dresses or shorts, and only wore pants because I was so self conscious about them. Now I just roll with it, realizing that it is part of life, I am human, and more people have eczema than I ever knew! img_3311img_3310

I don’t use some of the products that I probably should sometimes, usually by the end of the day my eyeshadow has creased and started to come off and under my eyes as well. Lately I have been using L.A. Girl pro matte foundation, usually I cannot wear anything matte, but my skin clings to this well and it does not dry out too fast. It’s also under $10! Linked here: L.A. Girl Pro Matte Foundation! You can also find this foundation at some Ulta’s. I use a tarte loose powder that I have been using for over two years, I like to splurge on powder because I don’t use much so they will last me forever.img_3291

As for eyes, I use something different every day, I never get rid of pallets so I always hold on to them for forever! Since my eczema is pretty severe around and on my eyes, I cannot use brushes to apply eyeshadow, I use my finger tips. Brushes cause product to get under layers of the skin, making the condition flare up worse. Right now I am  really into Essence False Lash Mascara and their liquid eyeliner pens. Essence False Lash Mascara. Essence is seriously the most affordable cosmetics line, and their products are in Ulta! You guys have to try out some of their different mascara’s, the false lash that I have been using works better on me than Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced, and I am also spending $16 less with Essence! I loveeee to find deals and affordable makeup products, Tj Maxx is really good about having great brands for great prices, I try to run by there every few weeks to see what’s new and what’s on sale!



Thanks for following along and reading a little about my skin condition, if you have ever battled eczema PLEASE reach out to me! I am always looking for new tips and tricks to better the situation. Who knows, one day I may start a Youtube channel for all things skin struggling and makeup loving!



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