Summer Stripes

I have found the cutest little number for summer! This dress is from The Perch on Marble in Rockmart, GA, soooo cute and is under $40! Perfect for my vacation coming up during the week of the 4th, thank the Lawd because my body needs to see the sun real bad! I still wear sunscreen because I am terrified of having wrinkles one day…


We are so excited for an event coming up in July that The Perch is having, called “Fill The Bag!” Each customer will purchase a bag at the door, and fill it with as much merchandise as they can! WHAT A STEAL. The store is filled with clothing, jewelry, shoes, gifts, and home decor. I don’t think one bag will even be enough for me! Search for this event on The Perch’s Facebook page to get all the details and to RSVP.

There are many ways to shop this dress and other cute things that just went on the floor at The Perch! You can simply like their Facebook page and join the insider’s group to see recent merchandise, called The Perch on Marble, follow The Perch on Instagram @theperchonmarble, and you can stay tuned for a brand new website going live on July 1st where we will be able to order straight from there!



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