Mother’s Day Ideas Under $10

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! If your mom is anything like mine, she probably has everything! I have come up with a few little things that are budget friendly that are perfect for mom’s as a little gift on Mother’s Day.

As always, a cute picture frame with a photo of mom and her kiddos in it is a great option and is also a sentimental option as well that never gets old.

I made my weekly Walmart run recently and decided to browse around at some of their new cute summer stuff before leaving and I have to admit that Walmart has definitely stepped it up! I got my mom a tupperware set that was only around $5, there are tons of choices to choose from as well. This is perfect for my mom because she likes to take her lunch to work almost every single day. img_1744.jpg


Right now, succulents and cactuses are so popular! You can’t go wrong with a cute plant for your mom on Mother’s Day because they last forever anyways. Last year, we got my mom a orchid and she still has it sitting in a window, the orchid has even bloomed again since spring has sprung! I got a decent sized succulent for around $4 and put it in a pot I also found at Walmart a little while back on clearance.











Really any flower/plants are a great idea and something mom’s can add to their garden or indoor collection. I personally love indoor plants because they last forever!

The last idea was these cute little house key cap covers from Swank Boutique in Jacksonville, AL! They are only $6 and absolutely adorable. Perfect for mom to start off summer time with happy thoughts! img_1712



Happy early Mother’s Day to all of the special mom’s out there, you ladies run the world!




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