Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

I am teaming up with Smile Brilliant to show you guys how great their teeth whitening products are and to give away a teeth whitening kit of $149 value! I have always been self conscious about my teeth because they are so small, my smile is small, and my teeth have never been as white as I wanted them to be. Smile Brilliant has helped me gain the confidence in my smile that I have forever longed for!


Schedules and lifestyles can be very busy, as a full-time college student I feel that every single day! Always on the go and a coffee cup in hand, Smile Brilliant fits into my busy schedule perfectly. I am an avid coffee drinker, which unfortunately is not very good for my pearly whites! Smile Brilliant’s products have erased all the stains on my teeth, and now I can drink coffee without worrying about my teeth getting more stains.

The teeth whitening process is a lot easier than one would think! Personally, I have sensitive teeth but that’s okay because Smile Brilliant carries desensitizing gels as well. I do my whitening at night time, right before bed so my gels can work their magic without any disruptions from food or drink. The process is super quick and easy, the first step is the teeth whitening gel. Smile Brilliant has custom-fitted whitening trays, so they are comfortable and fit me perfectly! Teeth whitening gel can stay on teeth from anywhere between forty-five minutes and three hours. I started with low time and worked my way up to three hours. After the teeth whitening gel step, I use my desensitizing gel for 20 minutes. This step helps me not to have any sensitivity after the whitening process, professional whitening kits can sometimes cause sensitivity, but Smile Brilliant has done an amazing job helping this situation!

15% off coupon code: niftythriftyblondie15
Posted below are before and after photos of my whitening process, no edits besides a little lipstick in the after photo!

Happy Whitening!



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