Jon Hart Design

I am so excited and honored to be working with Jon Hart Design this semester and I can’t wait to share with you are how wonderful their products are! As a part of the college rep team, I get to use my personalized backpack and pouch all semester long. These products are also perfect for traveling! All of Jon Hart Design products are genuine leather, and stamped by hand! So much is put into each and every product they design, I know that mine will last forever!

My backpack is burgundy and my pouch is a light grey, there are SO many colors to choose from when picking out your new bag. My favorite thing about my bags is they are both customized with my initials! You can get your name, initials, or whatever you want stamped on to your bag!


Below I am posting a few of my favorite products from Jon Hart Design, all of these are so beautiful, trendy, and used in your everyday life! From college game day bags, makeup cases, backpacks, to luggage. There is definitely something you need from Jon Hart Design!

mint-1 navy-1


Jon Hart has the best collection of duffles and all things travel! They also have a line of gifts all under $50 full of luggage tags, pouches and small bags, key chains, and so much more! You can visit Jon Hart’s website here: Jon Hart Design to shop away!











Lindsay Roberts

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