Date Night at Sugarmoon



Fashion blogger or food blogger? How about both! Taylor and I recently spent a night out at Sugarmoon restaurant, and it was absolutely divine. Sugarmoon is located in the heart of downtown Gadsden, AL and is trendy, fun, and of course, delicious. There are so many ways to enjoy Sugarmoon, from a nice dinner, Sunday brunch, throwing a company Christmas party, to catering the event of the season.

The menu at Sugarmoon is so diverse, it took me forever to choose! Taylor had tuna steak with quinoa, I had a baked chicken parmesan with pesto, both served with fresh greens and Greek dressing. We topped it off with a few glasses of champaign, and you know I had to have a cosmopolitan.



Sugarmoon has a list of things that they can host, from private parties, catering, events, birthday parties, receptions, to just your traditional dinner on a night out, quick lunch during your lunch hour, and a delicious Sunday brunch. I fell in love with Sugarmoon because it gave me a great reason to dress up, but at the same time was not too fancy for a quick night out. Since the weather is starting to cool down some I am so excited to go and sit on the patio outside and enjoy the day/night. The outdoor patio area is up to date with trendy plants, lights, and furniture!



Sugarmoon is located at 210 Locust St, Gasdsden AL. Behind the restaurant is a space that is available to rent for any event you could think of called 210 At The Tracks. When booked, Sugarmoon does the catering for these events! The owners of the restaurant will probably even greet you at the door and welcome you with open arms! Finding new spots around town is one of my favorite things to do, being able to eat good and eat local is just a plus!



Photography: Bryan Perez

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