The $27 Outfit

I’m sharing details on my outfit from this past Christmas Eve! The entire outfit was literally $27! Amazing right?! Most people think there is absolutely no way to budget so well on an entire outfit, I’m a college student ballin’ on a budget so I understand the struggle. A little bit of research can help you not spend your whole wallet for the cutest things!

This light brown suede jacket came from The Pants Store during one of their tent sales, I seriously paid $5 for it! The Pants Store has their tent sale usually over tax free weekend and have markdowns on amazing brands throughout the store, featuring $5, $10, $20 racks and so on.



This velvet rose colored dress came from The Willow Tree in Jacksonville, AL and was only $10! This location is the one I always shop at since it is so close to the college I go to. The Willow Tree also has tent sales, they are pop up and always AMAZING with great markdowns.







These cheetah print heels are Sam Edelman and came from TJ Maxx, on clearance for $12! I recently looked for these online and the cheapest I could find were around $60! TJ Maxx is completely my addiction, they usually make markdowns on Wednesdays and get new inventory Tuesday-Friday. You should ALWAYS ask for missed markdowns when checking out because sometimes merchandise gets looked over! Yellow tags throughout the store mean they are marked down to the lowest they will ever go, so snag it if you love it! A similar style to these cheetah heels is linked below!


Leopard print heels under $20